KIIKII To Your Fashion Rescue With a Gift Of Trend And Affordability!

Whenever someone says KIIKII, most of our hearts go ‘KIIKII do you love me?

Well this KIIKII is loved by many Indians for its affordable trendy clothes and accessories. Founded in the middle of the pandemic KIIKII is India’s one of the favorite growing affordable brand.

The Delhi-based clothing brand was ideated by four friends last year when the Indian government banned SHEIN (popular for affordable fashion) in the country. Founded by Raghav Daga, Nayanika Mehra, Sushant Jain and Armaan Mehra, KIIKII now has a 50 lac registered consumer base just after few months of it’s launch.

KiiKii-Logo.pngTalking about the brand Co-founder Armaan Mehra said that when last year SHEIN closed down, there was a huge gap in the demand and supply chain for affordable fashion and that’s why all of them came together. Founders Raghav Daga, Nayanika Mehra, Sushant Jain and Armaan Mehra were born and brought up in Delhi, three of them studied together in Singapore. KIIKII being a unique name means social gathering, and here it’s a gathering of trendy affordable fashion.


Clothing can be provided by any business, what makes KIIKII unique is its trendiness wrapped with affordability. Every item on the website is under 1800 Rupees, unlike Flip-kart or Myntra where prices are low but there isn’t trendiness, says Armaan. For now, KIIKII only has apparel and beauty tools, but their cosmetic line is about to go live soon.

KIIKII envisions to be better than SHEIN, be the one-stop-shop for everything that a girl needs in her closet. They are not just focused on the urban cities or tier one cities, as most people can just stop by malls for shopping. KIIKII’s main consumer base is from tier two and tier three cities, their current hot product across the country is their face roller. If you look at different websites, the cheap or you can say affordable rollers pricing from 200 to 300 are available, but neither the quality is good nor it’s authentic. And if one wishes to buy authentic it can cost anything around 2000 rupees to 3000 rupees. Whereas KIIKII provides certified authentic face rollers at a mere price of 599 rupees. In the past year, they’ve sold about 5000 pieces and 90% of it was bought by consumers from tier two, tier three city. Similarly about their clothing line, anything that’s trending on the website is going to tier two and tier three cities, throughout the pan India.


Apart from being pocket-friendly, KIIKII is eco-friendly too! In INDIA, textile export houses produce close to 50-60 lac meters of surplus fabric which they either throw away or burn. KIIKII buys those fabrics and creates a whole new trendiest apparel through them. That way they help in reducing the textile waste as well as it cut down the manufacturing cost to cater the products at most affordable price.

As well to reduce the plastic wastage occurs in the packaging, they started a campaign ‘KIIKII KARES’. It’s a simple yet unique concept: Once any customer orders a product, they save the packaging poly-bags. After a while when they’ve gathered a bunch of them, any customer who wishes to return the bags can contact KIIKII customer care to arrange a pickup through courier and get a 5% discount coupon for their future orders.

With 10 to 12 thousand visitors on the website now, KIIKII is all set to launch the KIIKII beauty cosmetic line, followed by footwear and bags. By 1st January 2022, KIIKII is projecting to launch in Dubai. To achieve their goal number-wise, KIIKII is aiming to reach around 60 crore women in India, or at least one KIIKII product in closet of every Fashion Enthusiast women, says Armaan Mehra.


He further adds that In India “Affordibility is the Key to be a Successful Brand” The fashion industry develops every hour and to keep the pace with the industry, KIIKII list something new on website every fifteen days. Some fashion trends come out through some expensive outlets like H&M or Zara, but not everyone in India can give out 2-3 thousand rupees on a single top just to be in the trend. That’s when KIIKII comes to fashion rescue with a gift of trend and affordability!

KIIKII is a self-funded start-up as all of the founders belong to well established business families. The main goal is to make a brand out of KIIKII and not just raise funding. When asked about government schemes for start-ups Armaan said, that he’s thankful to the Indian government for being such a start-up friendly, as it helps young entrepreneurs to take risks. We have seen a surge in number of start-ups being listed on the stock exchanges, and we wish that in few years KIIKII would be one of them.

I remember our Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that ‘आपदा को अवसर मै बदलिए ‘ and that’s what exactly KIIKII did. It’s all about stepping out of comfort zone, giving it a chance and see how well it works.

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